So brave,so strong, king you’re effort does not go unnoticed. the protector and the hardworking macho yet tender you look deep into Queen eyes reinsuring Queen we got this ,positive and loving you’re always finding new things to accomplish because you know Queen , prince and princess are counting on you, king spoils us with love and discipline . You show us bad days doesn’t last forever . You don’t want us to see you cry not because you aren’t sensitive more so we get our strength from you . You show us what not giving up looks like . King you’re honorable and you deserve to be respected and love , Queen got you’re back . Respect to all the real kings . Real queens recognize y’all .



We do so much for people

Just to get hate in return

We do so much for people

Just to be taken for granted

I love you dearly

But you bring me heartache

I give you my best

Just for you to not care

Ask yourself this ..

Why am I giving out so much hate

When am receiving so much love .

What’s wrong with me ?😥



As time go by and I look in the mirror I see HOPE I see FAITH .

I refelct on my old image when there was so much pain I was broken there was no hope and little to none faith .I couldn’t even understand my own self I was still getting to know my self …. I was picking up the pieces looking for some lost .

I ain’t looking for no pity but I been taking advantage from everyone I came across , they took my kindness for my weakness so native looking for anytype of love given .

Now that I am wiser and mentality stronger I have forgiven Myself for treating I badly . I looked myself in the mirror for months apologizing to myself “ Janice I am sorry I treated you badly please forgive me and let’s start over it’s a new beginning I love you dearly “(blows kiss ) folks if we don’t wholeheartedly love our self first , who will ? Be loving, patience and kind to yourself .